I know that I could use the REST API to get info on which custom (or standard) actions are available and get the additional info on them (which is described here). But in order for me to get everything I need, I'll have to chain the multiple REST API requests (first get the list of available actions, then for each action get its details) so I wonder: is it possible to get the same info inside Apex code using some standard classes (something that could look like for (Schema.Action action: Actions.Custom) { ... }

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I think your problem can be resolved with the help of QuickAction Class. It provides some describe calls to get available actions etc.

QuickAction.DescribeAvailableQuickActions('Account') - this method would return all actions (both platform and quick actions for Account, or

QuickAction.DescribeAvailableQuickActions('Global') - this method would return list of all actions (both platform and quick actions)

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