I have a code which inserts custom Note__c object by using 5 fields. I want to check FLS and CRUD permission field level wise as they are reported in the checkmarx report. I know we can write in if statement like this


I wanted to know how can we check for more than one field instead of writing it as or condition in the IF statement. Below is my piece of code.

         Notes__c note= new Notes__c();  
         note.Case__c= emlist.parentid;
             IF (emlist.HTMLBody != NULL && emlist.HTMLBody != ''){
             note.Message__c = emlist.HTMLBody;
             else {
             note.Message__c = emlist.TextBody;
         note.Sent_To__c = emlist.ToAddress;
         note.From__c = emlist.FromAddress;
         note.Subject__c = emlist.Subject;
         note.Datetime_Created__c = emlist.CreatedDate;
         if (emlist.Parent.Contact.Email == emlist.ToAddress || emlist.Parent.Email__c == emlist.ToAddress) // If the email is the same as Case's contact email or Email__c on Case itself, the type is a response.
         note.Type__c = 'Response';
         else {
         note.Type__c = 'Forward/Others';
         notesList.add(note); // Add note object to the list

You can get a list of all createable fields through this way:

public static Set<String> getCreateableFields(Schema.SObjectType objectType) {
    Set<String> createableFields = new Set<String>();
    Map<String, Schema.SobjectField> fields = objectType.getDescribe().fields.getMap();
    for (String s : fields.keySet() ) {
        if ((s != 'Name') && (fields.get(s).getDescribe().isCreateable())) {
    return createableFields;

Then you can check in set if field exist like this:

Set<Schema.SobjectField> createableUserFields = getCreateableFields();
  • @Frodo, Can i write the code like this? if(!(Schema.sobjecttype.case.fields.origin.iscreateable())) { } if(language.contains('en')) cseObj.Origin = 'Web - English'; if(language.contains('es')) cseObj.Origin = 'Web - Spanish'; if(language.contains('zh')) cseObj.Origin = 'Web - Chinese'; if(language.contains('ja')) cseObj.Origin = 'Web - Japanese'; Basically do nothing if it is not createable and continue with the code
    – AJoshi
    Jun 12 '18 at 9:23
  • @AJoshi Rather perform logic only when user has these access. It will save else part of your logic.
    – Mr.Frodo
    Jun 12 '18 at 10:45

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