I am stuck on a relatively new addition of salesforce. The privacy attributes DoNotTrack, DoNotProfile and DoNotProcess. Here is the link to the topic: Privacy in Personalization Builder

The first question that comes to my mind was: How can i set these values automaticly (automation studio / rest-api / soap-api). Since i did not found a solution that works without programming i stumbled upon that link Privacy Batch API.

First of all: Is this the right solution to set privacy settings for particular subscribers?

And now to my problems: I tried using this API and tested with Postman. Unfortunately i wasn't able to do any successful call.

For authorization i went to Predictive Web -> Admin Tools -> Manage Api Keys and copied the value of Crimson Kraken Key to insert this value into the Bearer Token. Is this even the right step? Sometimes i saw that people needed to request a call that authenficates them and delivers a token. Do i need to do that? If yes: How?

After that i defined the JSON POST Request:

  • Authorization: Bearer XXX
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Host: https://app.igodigital.com
  • POST: /api/v2/organization/MID-value/privacy

I am very uncertain if the POST String is correct here. I strongly believe its wrong but i dont know whats the right string. Furthermore i have no clue what i have to enter into the body of the call. The example looks like this: enter image description here

I am very thankful for every comment that points me into the right direction / other help articles [i did not found one]. Thanks for all that read this question

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