I need to get specific text from a Case subject field using process builder so I'm using the build formula to try to match the first condition:

MID( [Case].Subject, 26, 15) = "Acknowledgement" 

Then, I will do an action, but I cant make the formula work to match the word.

The subject says this text Training Request #780525 Acknowledgement. Its supposed to be true if subject mid function text match this text.


You may use FIND

Use: FIND(search_text, text[, start_num]) and replace search_text with the string you want to find, replace text with the field or expression you want to search, and replace start_num with the number of the character from which to start searching from left to right.

Example: Street Address

FIND(" ", Street) returns the character position of the first space in the Street field. You can use this number to find out the length of the street address as a means of separating a street address from street name in an address field.

More details in the formula docs.

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