I've got a journey that uses data entry from Salesforce, specifically when a lead registers for an event an Event Registrant object is created. I am pulling in the Event_Date_Time__c and RegistrationDateTime__c fields to the DE. Somehow, the data put in the DE ends up being 4 hours later than the data in Salesforce. e.g.:


I can obviously just subtract 4 from the field within my email templates but that's going to be a nightmare to maintain. It just looks like the times are being converted to GMT. There's got to be a setting I've missed somewhere!

Edit: Testing for any weird stuff going on, this function correctly returns the current time in EDT as expected.

VAR @currentSystemTime 
SET @currentSystemTime = NOW() 
%%Local Time For User: %%=SystemDateToLocalDate(@currentSystemTime)=%% 

Marketing Cloud processes dates to CST.

You can use the SystemDateToLocalDate Function to deal with this (assuming Salesforce is your local time).


Assuming these are captured in a field called Date,

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  • Is it possible to apply this function at the DE level or will I need to set this up in each of my many templates? I'm also considering the fact that I have time-based wait steps that are based on these fields. – JaredT Jun 5 '18 at 14:17
  • To do that, you would have to create another column in a de and use the OFFSET t-sql function calculate this. – Samuel Dare Jun 5 '18 at 14:24
  • So I've added the function to my template: %%=FormatDate(SystemDatetoLocalDate(Object__c:Event_Date_Time__c), "", "s", "")=%%. It's progress, but the time displayed is still two hours later than the date/time field dictates! – JaredT Jun 5 '18 at 14:45
  • Is the time in your setting above correct i.e does it match the time on your wristwatch? – Samuel Dare Jun 5 '18 at 15:10

So it seems that there is no official means of coercing data feeding into the extension using the local time zone. The solution I have come upon, that works, is as I feared and must be handled in each email template.

    var @correctedDate 
    set @correctedDate = DateAdd(Object__c:DateTime_Field__c,-4,"H") 
    set @formattedDate = FormatDate(@correctedDate, "l","","en-US") 
    set @formattedTime = FormatDate(@correctedDate, "","s","") 


Editing to add feedback from SFMC support:

...it seems like manually adapting that will be your best be, sorry it doesn't work as you expected! As well as the Integration works, somethings just don't translate between the 2 platforms.

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