Does anyone have any example Apex or Salesforce Lightning JavaScript code for doing a Postcode to Addresses lookup using the getaddress.io REST API within Salesforce Lightning?

Specifically how to performing a GET request to end point:


And handle the JSON response of:

    "latitude": 52.24593734741211,
    "longitude": -0.891636312007904,

As per their documentation

Either client-side Salesforce Lightning or Server-side Apex example code/classes would be great.

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I've taken the server-side Apex approach to integrating with their REST API.


String postcode = 'NG16 2TH';
GetAddressAPI api = new GetAddressAPI()
String result = api.getAddresses(postcode);


public class GetAddressAPI {

    // Get Address API: https://getaddress.io/
    // Documentation: https://getaddress.io/Documentation

    public String getAddresses(String postcode) {

        if (postcode == null) {
            return null;

        string responseData = makeAPICall(postcode);


        if (responseData == null){
            return null;

        LookupAddressResponse response = (LookupAddressResponse)JSON.deserialize(responseData, LookupAddressResponse.class);      

        List<LookupAddress> addresses = new List<LookupAddress>();

        for(string a : response.addresses){

            String[] segments = a.split(',');

            LookupAddress address = new LookupAddress();
            address.latitude = response.latitude;
            address.longitude = response.longitude;
            address.line1 = segments[0].trim();
            address.line2 = segments[1].trim();
            address.line3 = segments[2].trim();
            address.line4 = segments[3].trim();
            address.locality = segments[4].trim();
            address.townCity = segments[5].trim();
            address.county = segments[6].trim();
            address.postcode = postcode;

            String fullAddress = '';
            for (string segment : segments){
                if (String.isNotBlank(segment)){
                    if (fullAddress != ''){
                        fullAddress += ', ';
                    fullAddress += segment;
            fullAddress += ', ' + postcode;
            address.FullAddress = fullAddress;

        return JSON.serialize(addresses);

    public string makeAPICall(string postcode) {

        if (postcode == null) {
            return null;

        String url = 'https://api.getAddress.io/find/'
            + EncodingUtil.urlEncode(postcode.replace(' ', ''), 'UTF-8')
            + '?api-key=' + getAPIKey();

        Http http = new Http();
        HttpRequest request = new HttpRequest();
        HttpResponse httpResponse = new HttpResponse();
        httpResponse = http.send(request); 

        if (httpResponse.getStatusCode() == 200){
            return httpResponse.getBody();    
        } else {
            throw new AuraHandledException(httpResponse.getBody());

    private String getAPIKey() {
        return ''; // Add your API key or get it from custom settings

    class LookupAddressResponse {
        Decimal latitude;
        Decimal longitude;
        List<String> addresses;

    class LookupAddress {
        Decimal latitude;
        Decimal longitude;
        String fullAddress;
        String line1;
        String line2;
        String line3;
        String line4;
        String locality;
        String townCity;
        String county;
        String postcode;

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