I was wondering if it is possible to only trigger a flow through a process ? My flow is implicitly getting triggered through an edit of an object and that is causing errors.Is it possible to trigger a flow only through the process builder and nothing else?

Thanks, BK


Yes it is possible to trigger a Flow from Process builder only if Flow is of type AutoLaunched active Flows. So if your flow is not of type Autolaunched then you have to change it accordingly.Only active Autolaunched Flows can be call from Process Builder.

If you have a Screens in your current flows , In Autolaunch flow it is not supported.So you may have to review your Flow accordingly.


Here is an example to launch Visual Flow from Process Builder.



Process Builder is the only declarative way you can trigger a flow to run automatically.

The other possibility for launching a flow automatically is to use an apex trigger to call the flow.

Any other way requires user input, ie using a button, or if you are in lightning, an action.

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