I'm using the salesforce "push topic" streaming api. I am successfully getting events when the account name and owner is changed; however I do not receive an event when an activity is logged and LastActivityDate is updated. If I change the name after though I get an event and can see that the LastActivityDate has changed.

Is there a way to include changes to LastActivityDate in the streaming events?

Here is my push topic configuration.

Name: 'AccountTopic'
Query: 'SELECT Id, Name, LastActivityDate, OwnerId, LastModifiedDate FROM Account'
ApiVersion: '42.0'
NotifyForOperationCreate: true
NotifyForOperationUpdate: true
NotifyForOperationUndelete: true
NotifyForOperationDelete: true
NotifyForFields: 'Referenced'
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    Pretty sure you would need to add trigger logic on Task and Event to update a writable field on Account. I wouldn't expect streaming events to fire on rollup changes. – Adrian Larson Jun 4 '18 at 23:01

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