I created connected apps for various integrated systems in our landscape, that use custom developed REST endpoints to access specific data from our salesforce org.

I have separate apps per system, and since I have a logging application that logs any calls to my API with some meta-data (duration, execution start/end timestamps, outcomes, errors, used ressource path, etc), I would like to also log the connected app that was used to authenticate.

I already searched the Auth Namespace but could not find any method to retrieve the ConnectedAppId, is there a way to get this information?


You can query connected app information with the help of following query:

Select Name, Id From ConnectedApplication


You can extend Auth.ConnectedAppPlugin to log through which connected app you performed authentication.

Here is sample code:

global with sharing class TestConnectedAppPlugin extends Auth.ConnectedAppPlugin {

    global override boolean authorize(Id userId, Id connectedAppId, boolean isAdminApproved) {


You need to add this class in the Edit Policies section of Connected app.

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