I have a validation rules as follows:

a <> related__r.b

When a is null/or empty, the validation rule fails to trigger regardless of the value in b.

I fixed the logic with the following:

OR(a <> related__r.b, AND( ISBLANK(a), NOT(ISBLANK(related__r.b), AND( ISBLANK(related__r.b), NOT(ISBLANK(a) ) 

Any ideas what is happening? Is this feature, a bug or a known issue?

Thank you


a and b are both percentage input fields. b is in another object linked through lookup field. I've updated the code snippet to show a relationship. In my testing related__c is not null/empty.

  • Without knowing what a and b were, I'm not sure what we'd tell you. Were relationships involved? Different data types? We need a bit of specifics here. In the most general case a <> b work as expected, but there may be some edge cases. – sfdcfox Jun 2 '18 at 0:25
  • a and b are both percentage input fields. – d0001 Jun 2 '18 at 7:09

I know percentage fields are a little goofy, but, given the description here...


...I'd expect the validation rule to return false (no error) when either field is blank; not just when field A is blank. Is that what you're seeing?

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