Is there any way to pull the Contact from the Contact Roles related list into a lookup field on the record? For instance, I have a customer with hundreds of opportunities all with their primary contact in the Contact Roles related list. I'm trying to use a workflow to auto send emails from an Opportunity record, but can't reference the contact in the Contact Roles related list. I'm looking for a way to avoid the tedious activity of manually updating each record one-by-one with a lookup field to that contact. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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Annoyingly, there isn't a way to trigger any sort of automation off of the OpportunityContactRole object, so you can't use something simple like a WFR or PB to accomplish this.

You could use either a trigger or a Flow to grab the ContactId from the OpportunityContactRole where IsPrimary = True and populate a lookup on your Opportunity. However, because this would be triggered off of updates to the opp itself, it's possible that this could be missing or out of date due to updates to OpportunityContactRole records without updating the actual Opportunity.

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