I have a journey called Trade confirmation (Quoted). I built a custom object called Quoted. It has fields:

  • Account_Name__c
  • Channel__c
  • Created__c
  • Quote_Value__c
  • Trade_Confirmation__c
  • Trade_Confirmation_URL__c

Here is my AMPscript:


/*Lookup Quoted__c Object*/
set @quotedRows = RetrieveSalesforceObjects("Quoted__c:Id","Quoted__c:Trade_Confirmation_URL__c", "Id", "=", "Quoted__c:Id")
set @quotedRows = RetrieveSalesforceObjects("Quoted__c",)

if @quotedRowCount > 0 then
   set @tradeConfirmationURL = field(row(@quotedRows,1),"Quoted__c:Trade_Confirmation_URL__c")


Getting this error message:

The function call does not include the minimum number of parameters required for the function Function Call: RetrieveSalesforceObjects("Quoted__c",) Function Name: RetrieveSalesforceObjects Number of Required Parameters: 5 Number of Parameters in Call: 1

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Looks like you've got a stray code fragment in there. Plus your lookup value needs to be a variable, not a literal string. I'd try something like this:


var @id, @row
set @id = AttributeValue("Quoted__c:Id")

set @quotedRows = RetrieveSalesforceObjects(
                    , "Id, Trade_Confirmation_URL__c"
                    , "Id", "=", @id)

set @quotedRowCount = rowcount(@quotedRows)

if @quotedRowCount > 0 then

   set @row = row(@quotedRows,1)
   set @tradeConfirmationURL = field(@row,"Trade_Confirmation_URL__c")


<br>tradeConfirmationURL: %%=v(@tradeConfirmationURL)=%%


  • I got this error message . Call to retrieve records for salesforceobject Quoted__c:Id failed! Error in the application. API Fault: Salesforce.com Fault thrown. Exception Type:InvalidSObjectFault Exception Code:INVALID_TYPE Exception Message:sObject type 'Quoted__c:Id' is not supported. If you are attempting to use a custom object, be sure to append the '__c' after the entity name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names. At row:-1 and column: -1 May 31, 2018 at 11:57
  • What if I am just trying to get the Quoted Object and just want to look at Trade_Confirmation_URL__C and Trade_Confirmation__c and nothing else. May 31, 2018 at 12:00
  • The function call includes an invalid number of repeating parameters. Repeating parameters must be included in full sets. Function Call: RetrieveSalesforceObjects("Quoted__c:Id", "Quoted__c:Trade_Confirmation_URL__c","Quoted__c:Trade_Confirmation__c", "Quoted__c:Channel__c", "Id", "=", @id) Function Name: RetrieveSalesforceObjects Number of Parameters in Repeating Set: 3 Number of Repeating Parameters in Call: 5 Number of Invalid Repeating Parameters in Call: 2 May 31, 2018 at 12:06
  • Ah, yes. Updated my example. Removed the object prefixes. May 31, 2018 at 13:16

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