I am trying to validate uid and pwd using a Visualforce page with javascript, but I'm getting an error saying the element type <apex:pageblocksection> must be terminated by the matching end-tag. What's wrong with this code?

    Function f1(Uid){
        Var u = document.getElementByid(Uid).value;
                if(u == ''){
                        alert('Please Enter User name..')

<apex:pageblocksection title="Entry section..">
    <apex:outputText Value = "Enter Uid.."></apex:outputText>
    <apex:inputText id="uid"/>
        <apex:commandbutton value="Submit" onclick="f1('{!$Component.uid}')"/>
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    Please correct the spelling </apex:from> it should be </apex:form> – Reshma May 31 '18 at 8:22

You're missing a forward slash on you closing tag, it should be:

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