I have a single org environment which I would like to hook up to two different Marketing Cloud Business Units.

I understand that this should not be a problem with Multi-Org Account Configuration, however I also want to be able to split the data going into each Business Unit based on a field (if Field Value = 1, then BU 1, if Field Value 1, then BU 2).

I was hoping by using two separate Salesforce System Users (one for each BU) that I would be able to do that.

Can anyone confirm this before I get Multi-Org support enabled?

Cheers and Thank you!


I have the feeling you are confusing multi-org setup and distribution of data across business units.

We are talking about multi-org when you want to connect more than one Salesforce org to Marketing Cloud. It seems that you only have one org, so forget about multi-org.

You mentioned that you have 2 BUs. One of the BU will be able to leverage Synchronised Data Extension. I suggest you retrieve the desired data in SFMC. Then use a filtering system coupled eventually with the shared folders to distribute the data.

I advice you to look online to find more about this setup.

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  • Thanks, Jeremy! Can you help me clarify how that will work with Journey Builder? I understand that JB will then have access to all data in the SC Org, which is what I am trying to avoid (i.e. mistakenly sending out email from Brand A to customers of B by setting a wrong filter in the Entry Event). The reason I am referring to Multi-Org is because according to this [help.salesforce.com/… it is possible to hook up two BUs with one Org directly (rather than using SQLs, Automations, Shared Folders). – Sven Nguyen Huu May 28 '18 at 8:21

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