We're looking for a solution to use Pardot for our email marketing communication. Our intention is to serve personalised content to customers based on selected preferences. The content is published on an RSS feed and is categorised according to preferences.

We have liaised with Salesforce but solutions keep coming up short. We have also investigated using tools like FeedOtter 1 however these too come up short.

Basically the RSS feed can contain content articles for several preferences e.g. Pizza, Burgers, Chicken, Pasta.

The customer has chosen their preferences e.g. Pizza, Burger We wish to then send customers a 'newsletter' and display to them only the 'Pizza' and 'Burger' articles from the RSS feed (as oppose to showing them everything.

Has anyone ever accomplished this or similar using Pardot. (I'm aware that this can easily be done using SFMC, but that is not the solution for us right now)

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