I have a report that provides a count of activities by sales rep. I need to modify this report to count only one record per account/company. In short, our reps are required to make X number of calls per week and I want to only count records once per account/company. If they 'log a call' for ABC 5 times during the week, I want to only count it once. Thanks!

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You could use the "Power of one" trick as explained in How do get the count of distinct or unique parent records in reports? and Record count wrong in Report questions (I'm not sure whether we should merge or leave it as standalone Q).

Create a numeric "Count of Accounts" formula on Account (value should be just "1") and try to make an "Activities with Accounts" report.

Sample report

There will be mismatch between Record count and your field which i think is what you're after.

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