We configured Marketing Cloud Connect v5 to sync data between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud. Everything works fine. I can send individual emails in Sales Cloud, using Marketing Cloud Email templates. In other way I can use Syncronized Data Extention in Marketing Cloud to send emails in Marketing Cloud to Contacts of Salesforce (Sales Cloud).

Now I need to filter some Salesforce data and use these filtered data in a new Journey. The first thing that I thought was create a filtered Report in Salesforce and use it as a Data Source on MC Journey Builder... but I discovered that Salesforce Report isn't available as Journey Builder Data Source.

So I created a new Data Extension (DE - I created as a normal Data Extention because Salesforce Data Extention isn't available as Entry Source of Journey Builder) with 3 properties: Id(text), name (text) and email (emailaddress). Its important to say that I'm saving Salesforce 18 char ID on Id Property and mark ID field as Subscriber Key.
After that I created an automation (using Automation Studio) to extract some filtered data from Syncronized Data Extention (of Salesforce Contact), save it in my new DE.
And at the end I created a new Journey (With this new DE as source) to send emails with some business and marketing logics. To send email I checked that Option to "Send Tracking Results to Sales Cloud".
When I run the Automation and that "call" the journey almost everything works fine... the emails were sent and all steps of journey were concluded, but tracking information wasn't sent back to Salesforce...

I read in some forums and here on StackExchange that if I use Salesforce ID as Subscriber Key, the Connect App would sent my tracking information back to Salesforce... But it's not happend. Anybody know what am I doing wrong? Or any other solution to my scenario?

Thank you everyone and any ideas I will appreciate!

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The problem was that I didn't link my custom Data Extension with Contact on Contact Builder.


I entered on Contact Builder, created a new Attribute Group. After that I clicked on "Link Data Extensions".

Link Data Extensions

So I select my Data Extension (DE) and linked my Primary Key of my DE (Salesforce Contact ID) with Marketing Cloud Contact Key.

Linking DE with MC Contact

At the end I clicked on Save and executed my Journey with my DE as Entry Source. After about 1 hour I received tracking data records on Salesforce.

Salesforce contact related list

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