I want to create a child case for a case in lightning. From the related list "Related cases", when I click on "New", the account field on the child case is not fill. For information, I am using person account with cases which have recordtypes.

I want to be able to default the account id in the account field of the child case. I wanted to use the standard "new child case" action, but when i added it on my page layout, it is not showing.

I read this article https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=actions_considerations.htm&type=5 about the child case button, and i am admin of the system, and have full rights on the recordtypes and the parent field, but can't display that action.

What I am missing?

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Be aware that for Cases, Actions appear in the feed view, which is super frustrating. I have been trying to achieve the same outcome but was unable to get Parent Case field to populate which is very frustrating. Ideally, I would just use the related list "Related Cases" and then press new, but it only populates Parent case, which is just as frustrating, and you cannot modify these.

I have gone back to trying to create a URL button, so that it appears on Case detail next to the other buttons, but no matter what I try I still can't get Parent Case populated, so I suspect it can only be achieved using flow.

URL button: /{!Case.Id}/e?clone=1&retURL=/{!Case.Id}&common.udd.actions.ActionsUtilORIG_URI=/{!Case.Id}/e&00N9000000EklOx={!Case.CaseNumber}

I have Engaged Salesforce a while ago, I will let you know if I get an outcome


Take a look and see if this describes your issue and if the workaround works for you.

If not, you can get around this a few ways by either creating a custom quick action with predefined values or by creating a quick flow action that uses a visual flow that pulls these values in.

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