HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();
    PostMethod post = new PostMethod(environment);
    post.addParameter("code", code);
    post.addParameter("grant_type", "authorization_code");
    post.addParameter("redirect_uri", "https://******.ngrok.io/auth");
    post.addParameter("client_id", "3MVG9d8..z.hDcPLDlm9QqJ3hRa..IRUJdGRp4Shjuu01GT.H5KRjos_xlbZEtYGy55M6SzOOELg7sfD4T6Pl");
    post.addParameter("client_secret", "*********");

After executing this I get an access token:

accessToken = jsonObject.get("access_token").getAsString(); useridURL = jsonObject.get("id").getAsString();

with which I try to fire a get method to get the userinfo:

    GetMethod getMethod = new GetMethod(useridURL);
    getMethod.addRequestHeader("oauth_token", accessToken);
    String responseUserName = getMethod.getResponseBodyAsString();

but I always get this error: Missing_OAuth_Token, I am not sure if I am missing something here?


The header you are setting in GET request is not proper.

it should be Authorization instead of oauth_token.

According to SF docs:

To call the doGet method from a client, open a command-line window and execute the following cURL command to retrieve an account by ID:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer sessionId" "https://instance.salesforce.com/yourURL"

Thus your code will be:

getMethod.addRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer "+accessToken);

SRC: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_rest_code_sample_basic.htm

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