My question is how can I change default value of 'From' standard pick list field using code?

So what I did is I have added below logic on 'Send Email' button: /_ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?p2_lkid={!Case.ContactId}&p3_lkid={!Case.Id}&p4_lkid={!Opportunity.OwnerId}&rtype=003&retURL=%2F{!Case.Id}&p26= support@example.com

But when I am testing this logic it is showing me 3 values, 1st which is set in above, 2nd logged in user mail address and then 3rd is again support@example.com. I don't know from where this 3rd value is coming. Might be from email to case. But how can I show only 2 values here with default support@example.com?

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