What is SOAP Endpoint while connecting SFMC using Mulesoft? Whether endpoint is generic or for email we need some other endpoint? SOAP Endpoint?????


These depend on what stack you are on.

you can check what stack your are on by:

  • Going to trust.marketingcloud.com and entering your MID number
  • log into marketing cloud and check the prefix to the url. It would be ssomething eg s7.mc.exacttarget.com would mean you are on the s7 stack

Endpoint Links

Stack WSDL Link

S1 Instance https://webservice.exacttarget.com/Service.asmx

S4 Instance https://webservice.s4.exacttarget.com/Service.asmx

S6 Instance https://webservice.s6.exacttarget.com/Service.asmx

S7 Instance https://webservice.s7.exacttarget.com/Service.asmx

S10 Instance https://webservice.s10.exacttarget.com/Service.asmx

Sandbox Instance https://webservice.test.exacttarget.com/Service.asmx


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