i have two list of records,now i want to put them in map,for one list i iterate it in for loop but for second it always get hardcoded. How can i do that,below is my code:-

public Map<id,ContentVersion> getContentVersion(set<id> setOfEntityDocId){

    set<id> SetOfDocLink = new Set<id>();
    Map<id,ContentVersion> mapOfCvForDoc = new Map<id,ContentVersion>() ;
    ContentVersion objContentVersion ;
    List<ContentDocumentLink > listOfContentDocumentLink = [Select Id, LinkedEntityId, ContentDocumentId from ContentDocumentLink where LinkedEntityId= :setOfEntityDocId];

    for(ContentDocumentLink cd : listOfContentDocumentLink ){
    List<ContentVersion> listOfContentVersion = [select id,Title,PathOnClient,ContentDocumentId,FirstPublishLocationId,LastModifiedById,CreatedDate,Category__c   from ContentVersion where ContentDocumentId =:SetOfDocLink ];

    List<Entity_Document__c> listOFEntityDocs = [select id,Name,Category__c,Document_Type__c,Expire_Date__c,Language_HRW__c,Description__c,Document_Title__c,Effective_Date__c,Entity__c from Entity_Document__c where id =:setOfEntityDocId];

    if(!listOfContentVersion.isEmpty() && !listOFEntityDocs.isEmpty()){

        for(Entity_Document__c ed : listOFEntityDocs){

            mapOfCvForDoc.put(ed.id, listOfContentVersion[0]);


    return mapOfCvForDoc;


as i want that i get all the related files in map from the object.i know i hardcoded the list in map..i want to know how can i get rid of that?

  • your question is not clear. What are the two list and in which map you want to put? what is the hardcoded list ? May 12, 2018 at 8:08
  • sorry for inconvinence i have list listOFEntityDocs and listOfContentVersion and object is entity_Document__c.and i want every entity_Document__c has contentVersion.now when i put it in map mapOfCvForDoc.put(ed.id, listOfContentVersion[0]); then contentversion is hardcoded May 12, 2018 at 8:13

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You need to start by considering what is related to what. I think the model is like this (where ^ or v means a reference to the parent):


This means that for each Entity_Document__c there can be many ContentDocument and for each ContentDocument there can be many ContentVersion.

So this return type doesn't make much sense (assuming the Id is of the Entity_Document__c):

public Map<Id,ContentVersion> getContentVersion(...)

unless there are some other constraints applied that e.g. an assumption that there is only ever one ContentDocument per Entity_Document__c and that you only want say the latest ContentVersion.

So best you define the specific logic you require first and then work on the code.

  • yes..i got my mistake and will correct it. Thank you @Keith C for suggetion. May 12, 2018 at 11:36

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