Creating a PB that will update a checkbox on the Lead to True if, 1) Status = Completed (this is done) 2) Due Date is within the last 30 days.

When I try to create a formula for that and use LAST 30 DAYS in the PB it doesn't work, I get an error: "The formula expression is invalid: Syntax error. Found 'LAST'".

How do I create this PB so that it can check to see if there is a task that has been completed in the last 30 days (using the due date, not last modified date or created date)


You'll want to use the built-in DateTime function TODAY(), and then simply subtract 30 from it. Thus your formula for the Due Date field would be DueDate >= the following:

TODAY() - 30
  • That's not working. I have Due Date formula equals TODAY() - 30. – goldk May 11 '18 at 20:05
  • Also, will that prevent it from being marked as true if it's 45 days in the past? I need it within a range of the last 30 days. – goldk May 11 '18 at 20:06

You can't do relative date functions like "LAST 30 DAYS" but you can do math on the field somenthing like that

TODAY() - 30
  • So I won't be able to get a date range like last 30 days? My concern is that if there is a task from 300 days ago it will also mark as true since it technically meets the criteria. – goldk May 11 '18 at 20:08

This is what I got folks.

AND( ActivityDate >= Today() - 30, ActivityDate < Today()+ 1 )

Makes sure it isn't greater than 30 days ago and because you can put the due date in the future, it doesn't mark as TRUE if it's greater than today.

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