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When new Lead is created I would like to post on chatter group with clickable first and last name of lead, which would redirect user to record page.

Here is what i tried:

  1. I tried to mention @[Lead].Id but it crashes Process Builder.
  2. I tried formula field HYPERLINK("/"+Id, 'FirstName') But it returns me this: enter image description here

So is there any other solution for this? Greetings, Bartek

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  1. You cannot mention Lead, you can only mention Users or chatter group.
  2. Hyper-Link Dont work in Chatter Mesages via process builder.

You can handle this in a different way, You can change your process builder's Post to Chatter to post on "This Record". And then in the chatter body you can mention the chatter group.

Post to chatter on Lead

Voila, done.. Once lead is created this is the perfect chatter message you need... Visible on Lead as well on Chatter group and all links clickable.

enter image description here


I managed to implement a solution for this, but it's a bit long to post it here in fullness. The bottom line is that I added some additional functionality to Salesforce ConnectApiHelper class to support linking to records using the new Summer '18 class ConnectApi.EntityLinkSegmentInput. With this change you can now create hyperlinks simply by putting the record ID between the curly brackets likes so:

Hi {SOME_USER_ID}, your Opportunity {SOME_OPPORTUNITY_ID} has been updated.

I also implemented an InvocableMethod so that you can call it from Process Builder or Flow. The end result was that now I can create Chatter Posts like the one below directly from Process Builder:

enter image description here

You can find the code you need at my GitHub repo, and the detailed instructions on how to use it here at my blog post.

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