I have a Custom Lightning App, for which I've uploaded an icon in the App Manager interface. I pulled that into SFDX, then deployed with no problem.

Then, I decided to update the logo for branding reasons. So I go into App Manager on the scratch org, clear the old logo, upload the new one. Works fine... until I try to pull it into SFDX, where I get this error:

ERROR: Entity of type 'ContentAsset' named 'ProtonTextIcon60x60' cannot be found Entity of type 'ContentAsset' named 'ProtonTextIcon60x601' cannot be found.

The first file mentioned is the old icon file. The second file never existed -- don't know why it thinks it's there -- must be a mistake in the metadata?

UPDATE: Solved. I pushed source to a new scratch org, made the icon change there, pulled it back in to local, then was able to push -f to the original scratch org.

  • (It's legit to answer your own question, Pat!) – David Reed May 10 '18 at 2:06
  • @DavidReed, thanks, but my update was really just a workaround. Still don't know why the conflict happened, or more importantly, how to clear it. Those phantom files still show up when I run force:source:status, but I don't know where to find them in the scratch org. – PatMcClellan__c May 11 '18 at 17:45

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