Here I'm trying to display Report charts in visualforce page, but I'm getting an error:

[For the filter 1: Specify a valid filterable column because ParentId is invalid]

Actually, for Column names (API names), I looked in view page source, Workbench so many places online, but I couldn't find the right one.

I need you guys help to find out Column names for analytics:reportchart for the field Account.ParentId.

Look into below image and code for reference:

enter image description here


<analytics:reportChart filter="[{column:'ParentId',operator:'equals',value:'001O00001IEpmW'}]" size="tiny" ReportId="00O9000009iEe" /> `

You can run below code in Anonymous Window.In JSON Output, you need to identify under detailColumns what is the exact label for your column. Based on that , you will apply the filter. For instance, if it says ParentId, you will mention parentId in column parameter.

Report reportRec = [SELECT Id FROM Report WHERE Id = '00ON0000000k7CyMAI'];

Reports.ReportResults reportResult = Reports.ReportManager.runReport(reportRec.Id, true);


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