I have Salesforce Essentials (no API), so I'm not positive if this customization is even possible, but I wanted to try.

I have imported my customers with a custom field called "Legacy ID", which is the integer value of the record number in the ecommerce system where they live. I'd like to build a link on the Contact Layout page to http://ecommerce-site.com/customer=LEGACY_ID. Is this possible?


Yes, you can do basic customization. In this case, you could use either a custom link or a custom field. As a custom link, simply go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Buttons and Links (Classic) or Setup > Object Manager > Contact > Buttons and Links (Lightning), click "New" to create a new link, and enter in the URL, which would look like:


Afterwards, go to the Page Layout screen, add this link to your page layout, and save the changes.

As a custom field, you'd go to the same Contact area from above, go to Fields (Classic) or Fields and Relationships (Lightning), create a new Formula field with a Text return type, and use a formula like:

   'View on E-Commerce Site')

You can move this field around on the page layout as you like. It also has the advantage of being usable in reports.

  • I successfully created the custom link, then added it to my Contacts Page Layout as you suggested. Worked great! First timers adding a link to a page layout should follow the steps in this Trailhead page under the heading "Create a Custom Detail Page Link." May 7 '18 at 1:11

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