I have 2 objects lets say Contract and CustomA__c. Both these Objects have same record types names (Contract has types A,B,C.., and CustomA__c has types A,B,C..). I have lookup field on Contract To CustomA__c, and I need to show only the records that are same record types in my lookup.

What I have tried:

1) Check Contract record type name and then check CustomA__c Record type NAME and if they both match that is the solution. Problem here, is that i have 7 record types and i need total of 14 criteria fields for that, Salesfroce only give me 10.


Contract: Contract Record Type equals FOO
CustomA: Record Type: Name equals FOO

2) I tried to create a formula field on CustomA__c to get record type name, problem here is, you can't use formula fields in lookup filters.

Also what is wierd to me, is that i can't reference record type name in lookup filter for standard object. e.g: Contract: Record Type: Name, i can only do Contract: Contract Record Type which is recordTypeId standard field and i cant match by that value.

Anybody has ideas or faced the problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Search options and functionality can differ a bit depending on whether you're in Classic or LEX. That having been said, the issue you're encountering is because you're not including a field along with the object when specifying the record type in your filter criteria.

Your filter criteria should look like the following:

Contract Name: Contract Record Type  equals value  My Record Type Name 

You may find Lookup Filter Examples in the Salesforce Help a useful resource to look at when writing your filter criteria.

  • I solved the issue. I did create a picklist on Contract record and used formula to populate a default value based on record type $RecordType.name. And then i compared this picklist value to my custom object record types. Also i did make the picklist read-only on page layout. Works fine.
    – RSICK
    May 5, 2018 at 15:12

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