So I was wondering or was hoping to get some clarity on the dependencies in a sfdx-project.json file.

I know that for my project / scratch org I can list managed package dependencies within the sfdx-project.json file using a packageId and versionNumber. But does that mean if I define all of the dependencies and create my scratch org will those managed packages automatically be installed or do I still need to manually install them using the sfdx-cli? I ask this because it's a bit tedious to have to install each managed package using the cli every time I recreate the scratch org.

Furthermore we have some packages that require an installationKey and after some digging I found that the key is not yet supported in the sfdx-project.json file in the following url: Sfdx Dev Considerations.

So even if it did in fact install the managed packages from the project config file, I would not be able to install any of the ones that require an installationkey, is that correct?

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    Is this what you are looking for? How to install managed package using Salesforce DX CLI? – Mr.Frodo May 4 '18 at 6:21
  • Yea that seems to be what I want, however when creating the packages folder and sub folders for each installed package, in the comment it's mentioned that the name of the file in the sub-folder should be namespace.installedPackage, however what if a namespace has not been set for the org, what would the name of the file be at that point? – Hect1c May 7 '18 at 10:01
  • Maybe either you can post a new question or you can comment on sfdcfox's answer, Maybe he would be kind enough to reply you back. – Mr.Frodo May 7 '18 at 10:12
  • Yea I wanted to but I don't have enough reputation points to do so...haha, so was hoping to ask here and get a reply. Thanks. – Hect1c May 7 '18 at 10:17
  • Now you have. Go ahead. – Mr.Frodo May 7 '18 at 10:18