I am developing custom apps for salesforce using free force.com developer account. I need to create some extra users for testing purposes. So I just wanted to ask:

  1. Whether I can increase number of salesforce user licenses without changing my edition or will I have to buy partner edition?
  2. if I can then how? where to buy these licenses? I don't have any checkout option in individual developer edition.

Note that I have exceeded limit for 2 users and it is showing Contact us to obtain additional Salesforce user licenses. But there is no link and since I am a newb, I don't know how to contact salesforce support for this. Though i know how to increase licenses in other editions.

Any help is appreciated.

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If you are a Force.com ISV or Consulting Partner you can apply for a Partner Developer Edition via the partner Portal. This grants you 20 rather than 2 users.

See Partner Development & Test Environments

With an individual developer edition org I believe your will need to deactivate one user so the next can be activated.


In short it is not normal policy to increase licenses on a Dev org. You would need a sandbox attached to an enterprise+ edition org to increase licenses in a testing environment.

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