I have a list of map and list objects. These objects needs to be sent as json content in an http request. The objects are

Map<String,String> leftFileParameters = new Map<String,String>();
    Map<String,String> rightFileParameters = new Map<String,String>();
    Map<String, Object> commonParameters  = new Map<String,Object>();

public void initiateParamas() {


Now, I have a method as shown below. I want to serialize all the objects shown above and serialize it and set it as the body of request.

public String getURL(){
 HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
 req.setBody() //cannot serialize here.

So, How do i send all the objects as single json and send it in the http request body. Is there any class for doing that?


This code will do what you require:

req.setBody(JSON.serialize(new Map<String, Object>{
    'left': leftFileParameters,
    'right': rightFileParameters,
    'common': commonParameters

For more information, See the JSON.serialize method documentation. That method can work on maps and so the above code creates a map to hold the other maps. You can use whatever names you like instead of "left" etc.

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