When i add custom profile to package its show N/A . Also when this package is installed in another org (testing org), It is not displayed at all to link profile settings to any profile

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Took me a while to figure it out but here's the solution:


  1. Clone Standard Platform User profile (because is the one that has the Salesforce Platform license) an name it something meaningful like MyApp_Profile
  2. Customize MyApp_Profile to match your desired access level for the users that will test or use your app
  3. Add custom profile settings MyApp_Profile to the package
  4. Go ahead an finish the package


  1. Pre-create a profile by cloning the Standard Platform User profile and name it something meaningful like MyApp_TestProfile
  2. Assign MyApp_TestProfile to a user
  3. Install the package and on Step 2 (Choose security level) of the wizard you have to select the third option (Select security settings)
  4. Under "Customize security" section make sure the MyApp_TestProfile (created on step 5) has the MyApp_Profile assigned (created on step 1)
  5. Finish the Package installation
  6. Log to the test or customer org with the user that has the MyApp_TestProfile assigned and choose your App from top right menu.

I hope this solves your issue too!

  • When I add my profile setting in package it gives N/A. Also when I install package on test instance It does not show my profile settings at all. Is there some settings to add profile settings ? Commented May 1, 2018 at 11:45

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