I have a PRODUCTION org with unlimited edition and I am trying to login as another user but I am able to see login button for only two users and these users are not system admin. Login button is not available for any of the other users. The user I am trying to login as has the same profile as the one which has a Login button.

What can be the reason and how can i resolve this?

  • Which login button? Are you trying to log in as another user? – David Reed Apr 26 '18 at 14:11
  • Yes, I am trying to login as another user and referring to Login button on user detail page – devforce Apr 26 '18 at 14:12
  • Hey @DavidReed, Please refresh the page to look at edited question.Thanks – devforce Apr 26 '18 at 14:16
  • Are the other users active? – gorav Apr 26 '18 at 14:26
  • For logging in as another user, your user must have modify all data permission. It might possible that other users have this permission through permission set. – Mr.Frodo Apr 26 '18 at 14:29

Normally, you can only log in as users that have "Granted Login Access." This is done on a per-user basis by going to "My Settings > Personal > Grant Login Access", and must be done while logged in as that user. There is a feature to enable "Organization Admins Can Login as Any User". To enable this, go through Setup > Security Controls > Login Access Policies > Administrators Can Log In As Any User > Save. If you don't see this feature, contact Support. Finally, if you're only a Delegated Administrator, you may not be able to log in as any user, since this would have been configured by a System Administrator.

  • enabling grant login access for that user works! thanks! – devforce Apr 26 '18 at 15:28

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