We're willing to automate the creation of the Contract Pdf sent to the client in order to get a subscription package to our services. We've checked some existing solutions in AppExchange like Conga\Hello sign, and from what I've been told they lack a function to add logic to some of the statements that you might put on the contract.


Field 1 : {$ref to contract value1}€

Field 2:    {$ref to contract value2}


The problem comes when we want something like :

Additional Clauses:

1) Clause1
2) Clause2
3) Clause3

Obviously this clauses should be only included if the contract has some checkbox field marked or it accomplishes some certain conditions. But the thing is that the section might even not exists if we have no additional clauses to add.

Is there any tool available that allows you to create Contract templates with this kind of logic? Most of the solutions our admins looked at needed to generate one different template for every possible change in the contract structure and that's obviously everything but practical.

The most flexible solution obviously would be for us to generate the templates dynamically, but that would require quite a good amount of time for me since front end ain't my area of expertise and since we're sending this contracts to the client we want them to have the highest quality result possible,so some external product that we shouldn't even care of maintain would be the ideal scenario.


This type of logic can be handled pretty easily with Conga Composer. Since it is driven with SOQL Queries, you could test for a particular condition and then either Show/Hide sections (including dynamic 1-to-Many tables). Check out the TableHide functionality and/or IF statements in Word which can be used in conjunction with Conga Composer.

Another option is to manage your clauses / sections as custom objects in Salesforce with several fields for each clause that serves as metadata of when to include or exclude during contract generation. Composer could then pivot off the attributes of your record and "build" the contract based on what clauses are applicible.

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