How to create public Group based on the profiles

Requirement: I have certain profiles For ex:

   Profile 1
   profile 2
   profile 3
   profile 4

How to add these profiles related user to the public group .

Instead of trigger,can I use anonymous window?

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Members of a Public Group can be either - (other) Public Group, Roles, Roles & Sub Ordinates or Users.

I see the following possibilities for adding the related users to the Public Group:

  • If your profiles are sharing specific roles then you can add those to the public group
  • Add the users of each of these profiles to the Public Group.

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Let me know if you need more help in solving the requirement.


I am afraid I believe this is not possible without the use of an Apex Trigger.

The trigger would fire on the user object and add the record to a public group when the profile equals your examples.

There is an idea to upvote as well: Allow public groups to reference profiles

Edit, I found this previous question that may help if you go down the trigger route.trigger to add active user with standard profile to public group


Below code works for me

   list<groupMember> groupList = new list<groupMember>();
   Group grp = [select id from Group where DeveloperName='new_public_Group']; 
     List<user> userList=[select id,profileId from User where profileId IN ('00e1g000000HhnW','00eE0000000j8T0','00eE00000015tVE','00eE00000015tVF','00eE00000015tVG','00eE00000015tVI','00eE00000015tVJ','00eE00000015tVH','00eE0000000mva9') and IsActive=true];

  for(user u:userList){ 
  groupMember gp = new groupMember(); 
  gp.groupId = grp.Id; gp.UserOrGroupId = u.Id; groupList.add(gp); 
   if (groupList.size()>0)  

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