I'm trying to create a Package2 vesion and I getting the following error

Unable to parse package2-descriptor.json: invalid value for field 'features' at line 1, column 756

My package depends on several features. I tried below configurations withoud success. The error is the same.

  1. Array

    "features": [ "MultiCurrency", "PersonAccounts", "ServiceCloud", "Communities", "CustomerSelfService", "CustomApps", "DefaultWorkflowUser", "LightningServiceConsole", "LightningSalesConsole", "CustomApps"]

  2. Comma separated values

    "features": "MultiCurrency, PersonAccounts, ServiceCloud, Communities, CustomerSelfService, CustomApps, DefaultWorkflowUser, LightningServiceConsole, LightningSalesConsole, CustomApps"

Any Idea? The doc here dos not explain the format of the value of this configuration in case of multiple values.


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