I have found no reference that this is possible, so I'm hoping someone perhaps has some canned code or other reference material that would lead to a solution.

This is in the Lightning experience, for reference.

  • Admin creates some List Views for all users to use
  • User wants to CLONE a List View on a custom object tab
  • Admin/Dev wants to limit to them to ONLY saving it as "Only I can see this list view"

Cloning list view screenshot

Any solutions? I do not see this as a Profile-controllable item. Am I missing something simple (hopefully)?


If the users have Manage Public List Views, they can save list views that everyone can see. Remove this permission, and they'll get a UI that looks like this:

Private List Only

Note that the bottom option is greyed out, and the help text reads:

You don't have permission to share this list.

You'll also probably want to read Create or Clone a List View in Lightning Experience:

To create list views: Read on the type of record included in the list AND Create and Customize List Views

To create, edit, or delete public list views: Manage Public List Views

  • You're telling me it is NOT different with Lightning, essentially. This is good news. I already counseled them on "clone and alter". I typically am NOT by my role now to be the one to "go in and test myself", but now did, and this is fine. I need to sell it down the line (that they can NOT filter on the Public items WITHOUT cloning them first). Thanks. – AMM Apr 25 '18 at 13:09

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