I have a string in Salesforce that contains the to and from addresses of an email, e.g.:

From: sender@gmail.com to: (recip1@yahoo.com, recip2@icloud.com)

A process should set a picklist to internal if that string does only contain @gmail.com and @yahoo.com and set it to external if the string contains another domain.

My process builder formula looks like this:


However, the process always sets the flag to internal right now, no matter if the string contains an external domain or not.

On regextester.com, my expression works correctly: enter image description here

How can I make it work in process builder?

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The REGEX formula will match if, and only if, the entire string matches the pattern. What this means is that you need to include a wildcard at the beginning:

                                       .+ here means match any number of characters

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