I am trying to capture the max number value of 3 custom fields, then output the field name/label of the winner. What's the best way to do this?

Right now I got:

Max(Field A, Field B, Field C) and its correctly show me the highest number between the 3, BUT, I want to show the field name/label, instead of the max numerical value. Is this possible with some manipulation, if so, how?


If (Max(Field A, Field B, Field C)= Field A, “Field A”, 
If(Max(Field A, Field B, Field C)=Field B, “Field B”, 
If(Max(Field A, Field B, Field C)=Field C, “Field C”, No Value Set)
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Yes this is possible with a formula you just need to make sure Text is returned with your value - For example - If you wish to add your own label to each Max value out of Three custom fields - you can use the following formula :

IF(MAX(Field_A__c,Field_B__c,Field_C__c)= Field_A__c,"Value A Is the Max = "+ TEXT(Field_A__c),$Label.OtherValue)
  • You can also add custom label as shown $Label.OtherValue

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