Is there any way to attach Notes or Attachments to multiple records?

I had originally thought that the Attachement.Body field was a pointer to the location of an attachment, and I would be able to have multiple attachments referencing the same File... but I think I was wrong.

Not sure if there's any way around this, or a best practice for dealing with this.

  • Would it be against the rules in your business process to make another copy of the attachment for each of the other records? or do you only want to have a single instance of the attachment in the org and then have the single attachment referenceable from the multiple records? – Mark Pond Dec 2 '13 at 23:35

You can't link multiple attachments, but you can link a single Chatter File to multiple objects via the Chatter Sharing model, and the Chatter Attachments will appear in the Attachment Related List

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There is no way to attach a single Note or Attachment to multiple records. The ParentId field is the field which specifies what record the Note or Attachment is attached to.

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