I am using OAuth2 for connecting my app with user's salesforce account. I am making authorization request with success and getting following things in response

  1. access_token
  2. instance_url
  3. id
  4. issued_at
  5. signature
  6. scope
  7. token_type: Bearer

When I am trying to fetch salesforce data with following code

Dim binding As sforce.SforceService
binding = New sforce.SforceService()
binding.SessionHeaderValue = New sforce.SessionHeader()
binding.SessionHeaderValue.sessionId = <<access_token>> ' This is obtained by above step
binding.Url = <<id>> ' This is obtained by above step
dgr = binding.describeSObject("case")

I am getting exception

INVALID_SESSION_ID: Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session. Session not found, missing session hash: dGNP7MWaYz4kTAATqdvCAQk8H5NxD/xw/L+PpuPMpFA= This error usually occurs after a session expires or a user logs out.

How can I fix it? I am sure I am passing something wrong but can't figure out what.


binding.Url should be the instance_url and not the Id.

SRC: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Integrating_Force.com_with_Microsoft_.NET

We only need 2 params to make successive calls, sessionId and serverURL. As you are using Oauth2 to get access token it also gives you server_url in the form of instance_url.

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