I have a process that needs to send an email reminder any time a date/time field (Send_Reminder_to_WM_On__c) is changed. However, because the process has to have scheduled actions, I cannot use the "ISCHANGED" value for the field. I have been trying to circumvent this by building a custom criteria, using the code below.


ISBLANK([Task].Send_Reminder_to_WM_On__c) = FALSE,

TEXT(PRIORVALUE([Task].Send_Reminder_to_WM_On__c)) <> 
ISBLANK(PRIORVALUE([Task].Send_Reminder_to_WM_On__c )) = FALSE


The process works if the Send_Reminder_to_WM_On__c field is cleared, saved, and a new value is entered, but simply changing the value from one date/time value to another does not launch the process.

Is there a way to achieve the desired results via the criteria formula?

  • did you try with workflow rule? Apr 21, 2018 at 3:20

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I managed to fix this problem by changing the criteria to the following:

enter image description here

The formula in condition 2 is:


I seemed to be overthinking the problem my first time around!

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