I am building a custom preference center in SFMC with SSJS that will pass the subscriber context into the landing page via the microSiteUrl() from an email. I am building out and testing JUST the landing page portion. I am having an issue publishing the page - it will error out when I have the following code active. If I comment the code out, the page will publish. I NEED the information in order to run the logUnsubscribeEvent. I was given the following as a way to write my code. It still doesn't work. The page will not publish - I just get the spinner. What am I missing. This is my code:

<!-- AMPScipt to retrieve subscriber context from microSiteUrl() -->

     SET @subscriberKey = _subscriberkey
     SET @jobID = jobid 
     SET @batchID = _JobSubscriberBatchID 
<script runat="server">


    /* declare variables */

    /*retrieve values set in AMPscript */
    var subKey = Variable.GetValue("@subscriberKey");
    var batch = Variable.GetValue("@batchID");
    var job = Attribute.getValue('@jobID');


it's not showing up in my code above .. but SSJS IS wrapped in opening and closing script runat="server" tags

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No need to do the AMPscript block first.

The SSJS has the same context as the AMPscript block. You can just retrieve them directly with Attribute.GetValue():

<script runat="server">

    var subKey = Attribute.GetValue("_subscriberkey");
    var batch = Attribute.GetValue("_JobSubscriberBatchID");
    var job = Attribute.GetValue('jobid');

  • I've tried this and the page will not publish. It will just continue to get the spinner. If I comment out the section with Attribute.GetValue() the page publishes fine. Any other thoughts??? Commented Apr 20, 2018 at 13:42
  • -tried it again and it worked. I could publish!!!! Thank you so much @Adam Commented Apr 20, 2018 at 14:03

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