Is that something that is not allowed? Is it a bug?

I just tried and it did not seem to set anything.

The index of Named_Entity_Big__b is over the following, and I'd like to set Result__c to null:

  1. Entity_Name_Hash__c
  2. NLP_Data_Container__c
  3. SectionIndex__c
  4. Type__c

My code (Anonymous Apex) is below.

List<Named_Entity_Big__b> ents = new List<Named_Entity_Big__b>();

for (Named_Entity_Big__b ent : [SELECT Entity_Name__c, Context__c, Section__c,
                                         SectionIndex__c, Entity_Name_Hash__c,
                                         Result__c, Type__c, NLP_Data_Container__c,
                                         Automated_System__c, Automated_System_Version__c
                              FROM Named_Entity_Big__b]){

      ents.add(new Named_Entity_Big__b(
          Entity_Name_Hash__c = ent.Entity_Name_Hash__c,
          NLP_Data_Container__c = ent.NLP_Data_Container__c,
          SectionIndex__c = ent.SectionIndex__c,
          Type__c = ent.Type__c,
          Entity_Name__c = ent.Entity_Name__c,
          Section__c = ent.Section__c,
          Automated_System__c = ent.Automated_System__c,
          Automated_System_Version__c = ent.Automated_System_Version__c,
          Result__c = ''

List<Database.SaveResult> saveResults = Database.insertImmediate(ents);
for (Database.SaveResult res : saveResults) {
  • Have you tried to set Result__c=null instead of Result__c=''? – Adrian Larson Apr 17 '18 at 21:49
  • @AdrianLarson yep. – Charles Koppelman Apr 17 '18 at 21:51

I suspect the behavior you are seeing is the result of the merging that occurs when re-inserting of the Big Object records where there is a matching index.

Re-inserting a record with the same index but different data results in behavior similar to an upsert operation. If a record with the index exists, the insert overwrites the index values with the new data.

As there is no data in the Result__c field it is merging in the existing value. Here the empty string and null both appear to be considered no data.

As a workaround, consider explicitly deleting the existing records and insert a new ones.

  • Ugh. I am afraid you're right. I wish there was a way to affirmatively set null. – Charles Koppelman Apr 18 '18 at 14:55

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