Here is the scructure I have:


  • ... fields


  • Lookup to Condition
  • ... fields


  • Master detail to Account
  • ... fields


  • Master detail to Invoice
  • ... fields

Query is like:

  Id, {fields} , Account__c, Account__r.{fields},
  Account__r.Condition__c, Account__r.Condition__r.{fields},
  ( SELECT Id, {fields} FROM Invoice_Lines__r )
FROM Invoice__c


sfdx force:data:tree:export -q ./soql/query_file.soql --prefix export-demo -d ./data --plan


ERROR: Reference Account not found for Account__c. Skipping record a045E000002TEuDQAW. Wrote 1 records to data\export-demo-Invoice__cs.json Wrote 1 records to data\export-demo-Invoice_Line__cs.json Wrote 0 records to data\export-demo-Invoice__c-Invoice_Line__c-plan.json

So I tried to first export the account as this:

  Id, Name, Intracommunity__c,Condition__c, Condition__r.{fields}
FROM Account

And the result is:

ERROR: Reference Condition__c not found for Condition__c. Skipping record 0015E00000aL0FmQAK. Wrote 1 records to data\export-demo-Accounts.json Wrote 0 records to data\export-demo-Account-plan.json

Is there a way relationship between exported records ?

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You must find the Child Relationship Name. So e.g. for Invoice, go to the Invoice object, find the relationship field to Account and get the Child Relationship Name, e.g. Invoices. That's the name you'd use in the query.

Then you'd use "SELECT something...., (SELECT something FROM Invoices) FROM Account", and have the --plan parameter as you already suggest. So none of the __r names.

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