It's that time of year again! Spring is moving to Summer and I want to get ahead with testing out Summer '18 release features. I've heard talk about pre-release orgs being available but I can't figure out how to get my hands on one. What do I need to do to qualify for a pre-release org?

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    As below, you can sign up for one in just over a week. If you don't already have an existing pre-release org, create a few for you and your team when the signup opens and KEEP the credentials around forever. You'll find that on every release cycle, sometime 1-2 weeks before the official signup, the old pre-release orgs upgrade early and you can play around in them. :)
    – Charles T
    Apr 11, 2018 at 12:04

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If you already had an existing pre-release org its now on SUMMER 18. You can log in and check it. As Spring 18 pre-release program is closed(https://www.salesforce.com/form/signup/prerelease-spring18.jsp), you won't be able to create a pre-release org.

Summer 18 pre-release program has not been started yet(Page does not exist) https://www.salesforce.com/form/signup/prerelease-summer18/

Keep an eye on above link to you will be able to create new pre-release org.

I believe you can raise a case to get a pre-release org or wait for your sandbox to get SUMMER18.(https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2018/04/summer-18-sandbox-preview.html) .enter image description here

Edit: if you stumbled upon this the pre-release org is available




Pre-Release Sign Up Org for Summer 18 is yet not been Opened. Below screen shot attached with Key Dates for Summer 18

enter image description here


Generic links that will work for all the releases in the attached document.

Timeline Document - https://trailblazers.salesforce.com/0694S000000ftoM

Pre Release Org - sfdc.co/RR-Pre-Release

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