I am trying to send a message via rest api. I am unable to understand where do i find the {id} in POST /sms/v1/messageContact/{id}/send. Where do i find this parameter in mobile connect?

  • Take a look at this link, see if the encoded message id is what is required here.
    – Jayant Das
    Apr 11 '18 at 1:37

Within MobileConnect you can find/setup Id by creating a message with Outbound type where you have to choose Send Method as API Trigger.

  • If you're setting up a new message then you can find the Id during the Activation phase in a small confirmation window.

  • If you're looking to find Id of an exisiting Outbound API Trigger then you can view it by selecting the Outbound SMS from MobileConnect overview page.

Sample URL: https://www.exacttargetapis.com/sms/v1/messageContact/TEST123/send


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