I have a Javascript button, I need to check the number of records having same Owner ID through a SOQL aggregate query. ActIds contains the all selected Activity__c records IDs

var ActIds = [];

var AggregateResult_Owner = sforce.connection.query("SELECT OwnerId, count(Id) FROM Activity__c WHERE Id IN  (\'' + ActIds .join('\',\'') + '\')  GROUP BY OwnerId"); 

On click of button, this query is throwing an error 'MALFORMED QUERY'

Any help will be appreciated

  • From where is the ActIds array been set with the values – RCS Apr 9 '18 at 9:06

You can create a String by iterating over the AccIds array in Javascript and then you can add that string into the SOQL query in the where clause

var selectedAccIds=''; 
for(var i=0;i < ActIds.length; i++)
selectedAccIds = selectedAccIds.substring(0,selectedAccIds.length - 1);

var queryStr = "SELECT OwnerId, count(Id) FROM Activity__c WHERE Id IN ("+selectedAccIds+") GROUP BY OwnerId"; 

var AggregateResult_Owner = sforce.connection.query(queryStr);

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