I want to generate a unique ID in a Data Extension each time a record is created via SmartCapture using Cloud Pages.

I am trying to use the ClaimRow() function to do this by pulling the unique ID from another Data Extension but unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work when I add the AMPscript to the SmartCapture form:

VAR @UniqueID
SET @UniqueID = ClaimRow("UniqueIDs", "IsClaimed")
IF EMPTY(@UniqueIDs) THEN ]%%
No Unique IDs available
%%[ ELSE ]%% 
Your Unique ID is %%= FIELD(@UniqueID,'UniqueID') =%%
%%[ ENDIF ]%% 

Is there another way to auto-generate a unique id for a new Data Extension record? Or does someone know where exactly the AMPscript should be placed in the SmartCapture form?

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To answer your question about generating a unique ID, it can be achieved by using the GUID() AMPscript function.

An example: %%=GUID()=%%

Result: bc9c9237-9604-410d-89e6-4653bf15e008

Reference: GUID

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