I am defining a class for a TR tag based on some condition. This works fine if there is a if and else situation

<tr class="{!IF(ISNULL(Eslot.sEvent), 'Free', 'Fill')}">

Now i have a third option, ie if Eslot.sEvent has some value , then i need to check if that event has a type = 'Personal' and if its is then need use the class called 'Pers' else use Fill.

I tried something like this

 <tr class="{!IF(ISNULL(Eslot.sEvent), 'Free', if(Eslot.sEvent.Appointment_Type__c=='Personal','Pers',Fill'))}">

It gives out an error

    Error: EL Expression Unbalanced:

Any idea how to resolve this? This code already existing piece of code, so i want to do as less logic changes as possible

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    You might want to consider moving the logic to a single method in the controller that returns a String as expressions get more complicated in VF pages, they become harder to maintain and more error prone (as you found out), in my opinion. – Peter Knolle Nov 28 '13 at 13:50

You are missing an opening quote in Fill'. It should be:

<tr class="{!IF(ISNULL(Eslot.sEvent), 'Free', IF(Eslot.sEvent.Appointment_Type__c == 'Personal', 'Pers', 'Fill'))}">

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